Workshop – Tarot for Beginners Level 1

Workshop – Tarot for Beginners Level 1


Reading Tarot Cards gives you access to spiritual knowledge revealing new insights and options. Readings can provide hope in re-envisioning life’s journey, plus support and reaffirmation of what is already known. Readings can help us to answer some of life’s biggest questions, and so much more. You do not need to have a well developed spiritual connection or ‘psychic power’ in order to get valuable information from the tarot.


  1. Introduction
  2. Structure of the Tarot Deck
  3. Major Arcana Cards
  4. Minor Arcana Cards
  5. Court Cards
  6. Reading Tarot Cards
  7. Classic Tarot Spreads

Workshop Length:  2 hours

Cost:  $45

Note:  Decks of Tarot cards will be available for students at discounted prices that night.

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