Workshop – Make Your Own Natural Baby Products

Workshop – Make Your Own Natural Baby Products

I believe that children and babies don’t need all of the chemicals found in commercially produced goods.  We will teach you how much fun and how easy it is to prepare your own simple recipes for common problems like diaper rash an congestion.  Making powders, creams and ointments is much safe and less expensive when done in small batches.  Join other people in the pursuit of healthy, happy and allergy free children.

Learn to make your own baby skincare products. Unlock the goodness of mother nature to nurture and protect your little one’s skin with richly nourishing  organic butters and  oils and herbal infusions.

The chemicals used in commercial products include artificial colors, synthetic fragrances and preservatives that can irritate your baby’s skin and may be linked to more serious health issues.




Workshop Outline:

Create your own safe pure products for use at home. Including the following:

  • Shampoo
  • Body Oil
  • Skin Balm
  • Powder
  • Wipes


Be assured that your baby is protected from harmful toxins.

Length of Workshop:   2 hours

Cost:  $45  Inclusive

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