Workshop – Make Your Own Cosmetics

Make Your Own Cosmetics

Do you want to use products that are free of harmful chemicals?
Do you want to know exactly what you are putting on your skin?
Do you want skincare that is safer for you and the environment?
Is your skin intolerant of commercial product?

I have created this workshop out of a deep desire to gain control over what women  are  putting on their skin.  I love getting creative in the kitchen and since 1996 I’ve shared this joy with hundreds of students.

Students will have lots of fun in this workshop.  Save money and your health by making your very own cosmetics.  Learn how to make your own lipstick, foundations, powders, nail colours, blush and eye shadows.  Customize all the cosmetics you make that evening with safe natural ingredients.  Think of the money that you will save!

Length of Workshop :  2 hours

Cost:  $60 – Includes everything

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