Workshop – Love Potions

Love Potions Workshop

How to Make Love Potions – Tonics,Elixirs and More

Learn to make herbal love potions – tonics, elixirs, with natural aphrodisiacs for a better sex life and wellness.

In this course I discuss everything from  natural aphrodisiacs to the properties they each have, and how to incorporate these and other herbs into daily herbal tonics, elixirs and infused honey.

Did you know that many essential oils are Mother Nature’s aphrodisiacs? Our aromatherapy blends can help put you or your partner in the mood for romance and maybe even spice things up a little! 

A sensual aroma with an intoxicating magnetism. Love Potions are known to enhance sexual energy and romance while captivating the senses.

Oil blends can be inhaled as well as applied to pressure points and bottoms of the feet.

Workshop Length:  2 hours

Cost:   $48  All supplies and Essential oils are included

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