Workshop – Doulas and Midwives

Workshop – Doulas and Midwives

In this workshop you will learn which carrier and essential oils you can use for pregnancy massage and massage during childbirth, and which essential oils you can use in a diffuser during pregnancy and birth. You will learn about their properties, how they work, different ways in which to apply them and about safe usage and dosage. At the end of the workshop you will make your own massage oils with essential oils.

The workshop has been developed and will be taught by Christine Richards.  Ms. Richards is one of the highest qualified professional aromatherapist in Canada.   She continues to deepen her knowledge through the usage of the oils and through on going education around the world.  She loves to share her fascination with essential oils, which is an ongoing journey.

Why use Essential Oils in Pregnancy, Labour, Birth and Postpartum?

Essential oils are naturally occurring and thus give us many opportunities to promote health and combat many pesky pregnancy symptoms (nausea, insomnia, restless legs, sore muscles) without the use of pharmaceutical medications. Essential oils are useful during labour to aid in stabilizing your mood and promoting positive/energized feelings as well as helping to relieve some of the physical discomforts of labour such as back labour, nausea and uterine contractions. Essential oils can even be effective for things like increasing a slow or stalled labour and turning the baby into a more optimal position for pushing! Essential oils are great again postpartum for stabilizing and uplifting your mood, relieving some of the soreness associated with birth and for soothing the perineal area.

Since the beginning of time, herbs and oils have been used for their medicinal and pain relieving properties.  The advantage of using therapeutic grade, pure essential oils is that they have no side effect and can be used along with many other therapies.  Professionals and expectant mothers ar welcome to learn about the power and effectiveness essential oils can give.  Trat through safe, natural means the usual aches and pains associated with pregnancy, prevent varicose veins and stretch marks, alleviate morning sickness, reduce fatigue and anxiety an and id for birthing.

Workbook included and hands on work in class.

Length of Workshop:   2 -3 hours

Cost:   $ 85

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