Workshop – Basic Massage Course

Workshops – Basic Massage

4 Evening Classes –  6 – 8 pm

An introduction for anyone who wants to learn the different strokes and techniques of massage for yourself and friends.  A brief overview of anatomy with special emphasis on muscles.  Techniques for relaxation will be taught.  Techniques  for feet and muscle tension and pain will be covered.

Explore the basic concepts, practice and application methods used with essential oils. Discover the wonders of essential oils through working with them.  Understand the effect of the oils and how to apply them safely.

Students will be working on each other in class.  Please dress comfortably. All oils will be included in these classes. 

Workshop Length.   4 weeks – 2 hours each class

Cost:  $75 for 4 weeks

Students will need to bring:

  1. 2 sheets
  2. 2 small pillows
  3. 1 bath sheet

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