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Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method

Each one of us is unique. We will help you to create a lifestyle that you can stick with.

We offer several Methods that can be tailored to individual needs and lifestyles.
This is our invitation to you to join us for a weight loss evening

First Line Therapy – Offers a ‘ therapeutic lifestyle program” designed to attack the underlying cause of many common health problems, and therefore improve health. When you underlying cellular health is better, your energy levels are higher, you body metabolizes fat better, you lose unhealthy fat easier, your mental function is better, your sex drive is stronger, you sleep better … you just feel better all over. FLT offers an easy to follow meal plan based on glycemic index – not a difficult diet based on will power and starving yourself.

Promotes fat loss — not muscle loss. Supports healthy insulin and blood sugar balance, Uses a therapeutic medical food proven in clinical trials to increase muscle mass while decreasing body fat.

Quick Test – BIA$20
Initial Consultation for Program 1.5 hours$150
includes consultation, computer testing and printout, patient binder, food guide and recipes)
Follow Appointments 1 hour$60
Nutritional Consultation
Electronic Acupuncture Using Biofeedback$225 Value $245
2 week program of 5 to 6 appointments during that time. In between appointments, you will have a seed inside one of your ears that you can stimulate to reduce cravings when hungry.
I include a detoxify spa treatment to encourage your weight loss – free!
Core Cleanse
Can offer you slimming and toning, cellulite elimination easily and quickly. Please refer to our Core Cleanse Page.