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Weekend Warrior


For many people a week is just not feasible; so we also offer this condensed version for the weekend warrior type. Starting on a Friday, all day Saturday and all day Sunday, these abridged modules will be intense, hands on with all protocols provided for each treatment.

Topics Covered: 
Facials, Wraps, Scrubs, Polishes, Mud, Cellulite, Algae, Essential Oils, Anatomy, Physiology, Business Aspects, Getting Started, Spa Services, Spa Retailing, Effects and Contra Indications

It’s fun, filled with laughter and wet! Dress casually.

Supply list will be provided upon registration.

Course Length:   1 weekend
Course Cost: $599+GST

Supply list will be given to registered students. Kits are necessary for the program.

Our location or yours!     Ask us about coming out to your salon or spa to teach this program to boost sales.

Friday evenings start at 6 pm Friday –  Sat & Sun  10 – 5 pm

Extra treatment protocols offered at $100 each: Chocolate Scrubs, Chocolate Body Wraps, Peppermint Scalp and Foot Treatments, Walnut/Almond Scrubs, Collagen Treatments, Cryogenics, Acupuncture Face Lifts etc.


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