Vita Flex

What is the vita flex technique?

Vita flex literally translates to “vitality of the reflexes.” The vita flex technique has been around for a very long time–since ancient Tibet, in fact. The technique was introduced to the United States in the 1920’s.

Basically, the vita flex technique uses the body’s reflexes–found on the ears, hands, and feet–to transmit the therapeutic effects of essential oils into the body.

How does the vita flex technique work?

Now, it’s no mystery that the human body has intricate electrical pathways. We witness this fact for ourselves whenever we feel the snap of static electricity or see someone’s hair stand up seemingly on its own. Well, also nothing new, essential oils also possess electromagnetic frequencies. Together, the essential oils and the vita flex technique work along with those electrical impulses to produce a synergistic effect within the body.

To work, the vita flex technique uses slight pressure against the reflex points. This produces an electrical charge, known as piezoelectric, caused by the fingers to occur. When properly performed, the electrical impulse from the fingers transfers along with the therapeutic qualities of the essential oil along the nerve pathways.

Once the essential oils have entered the neurological pathways, they begin filling in the shorts {or gaps} in the electrical system of the nerves. This leads to body systems being supported and wellness to pursue.

How do you do the vita flex technique?

The vita flex technique itself is a rolling motion using the fingers. Your hand goes from flat, to the fingertips, then snaps down to just past the first knuckles–about halfway the length of the fingers. To illustrate how to do it, watch the handy dandy video below.

As you can see, the technique is pretty simple…and maybe a little weird to some. I thought it was pretty hokey myself until I put it to use and witnessed firsthand its effectiveness. So, go ahead and give it a try–you might be pleasantly surprised!


30 minute session  $75 

60 minute sesssion $95