The History of 169 Wortley Road




Dr William Wilkey

Born at the Vic Hospital in 1924 and one week later taken home by parents to

169 Wortley Road.

Grandfather Wm John Wilkey construction lived at 510 Quebec St. Died in 1937.

House was built or given to son Wilbert John Wilkey Dentist and wife Cecile

Pearl Draper by grandfather.

Dr. Wilkey had his dental practice on the second floor and the family of two

sons lived in the entire house.

Dr. Wilkey died of unknown cause at the Vic Hospital in 1924.

Mrs. Wilkey rented out the upstairs to another dentist Dr. McCreary.

Mrs. Wilkey had two boys to raise and so as she was a good business women,

She opened up a salon called Lavender Beauty Shop at the back of the house

in the west room.

Women would come in the front door and straight down to have to have their

hair and nails done.

Mrs. Wilkey enlisted the help of her two sons every year to distribute

Lavender Cards to every house at Christmas for advertising.

Cecile married a London alderman Harvey Prior in 1940 and the family moved

to Windsor Avenue.

During the summer the boys went to live with their grandparents Mr. and Mrs.

Wm John Wilkey at the Erie Beach Port Stanley to give their mother a break.

Jack Wilkey the older son became an aircraft pilot during the war and at the

end of his life lived with his wife in Vancouver. He died in 2011 at 92

years. Survived by his loving wife.

William (Bill) Wilkey left for medical school and then left London at the

age of 21 yr to travel the world getting more education. Dr. Wilkey retired

from the Woodstock practice the same year that the Richards, purchased his

old family home in Wortley.   Dr. Wilkey’s wife Noreen died in 2003.  Dr.

Wilkey is living in Woodstock still.

Jean,  I talked to Dr. Wilkey last year by phone.  His wife had passed away

and he is quite elderly now.  His grandson was coming to help him with

something.  He told me at that time that his sister was still living here in

Wortley Village.

Dr. Wilkey came to visit us while Bruce and I were doing renovations  before

opening.  He stayed and talked to Bruce for a long time and then kindly

brought back photos of the house back to us.   I have the envelope of

pictures he gave us.   Christine Richards