Peter Mills

Who is Peter, and why is Massage Therapy important to him?

I believe that the body, mind and being function best when they are in alinement. I also trust in the power of information and knowledge. My training has taught me so much about how the body works, and how I can help others heal through Massage Therapy. I wish to share my knowledge and skills with others. My goal is to help people be themselves and live in their bodies throughout the day. I strive to learn as much as I can about the challenges my clients face, and the treatment that works best for them. I am knowledgeable in the systems of the body and am a great Medical Professional to talk to about how the body works. I also like Marvel movies and comics, and doing puzzles is my favourite downtime activity. 

Why Queer positive medical care is a positive thing:

As a trans guy myself, I have experienced the fear many others have felt when going to a medical professional.


Will I as the client have to educate the professional on how to treat me?

Will they use my name and pronouns?

Will I have to check off uncomfortable boxes on an intake form?

Will there be a washroom I can use comfortably? 

My lived experiences have been very helpful in learning how to navigate medical care, and develop my own practice in Massage Therapy. My forms ask you for your name and pronouns, and in a later portion of the form, there is a spot to write the insurance information being used for the treatment. I know that your ‘chosen name’, is not less than, it IS your name, and I will refer to you by it. Period. It’s that simple. There are no gendered boxes on my form, and we have a washroom on-site for all clients.

You may have other questions, like:

Will I have to take off my binder?

What if I don’t want to get undressed?

Do I have to lie down?

In massage therapy, the client’s comfort is number one, and even though the skin to skin contact is best for treatment purposes, if you are not comfortable, then it is not best for you! Some people choose to keep all their layers on, or take off layers closest to the skin, and keep their shirt on, or vice versa. Massage therapy is great for relaxation because it addresses the nervous system, so the calmer you are, and the more in your body you can be, the better you will feel during and after the massage. I also provide the option of chair massage, which is a specialized chair made just for that! You will sit facing forward on it, and I can address your back, shoulders, neck, scalp, arms and hands, or any combination you would like treated. For both chair and table massage, you will never have to turn over or take off any layers if you don’t want to. The beauty of massage is that it is catered to you and your needs. During table massage, only one body part will ever be undraped at a time, and if you like, and your treatment suggests you would benefit, special consent is obtained for gluteal, inner thigh, chest wall, and breast massage.


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