Shop FAQ

How does local pick up work?

As soon as we receive your order we will prepare your package. We will send you an email when it is available so you can stop by and pick it up at your convenience. If you live locally we can also send your package in an Uber.

Booking a Service? 

Once the service is ordered, we will send you an email to confirm an appointment time. Select a time from the calendar and we will send you an email to confirm your booking time. If these times arent suitable for you let us know and we will accommodate your schedule. We will require 24 hours notice for any cancellations.


We use Canada Post to ship our items and will send you an email when we have sent your package. Most locations take 3-5 days to ship. We can accept returns for store credit only.

Gift Certificate? 

Gift certificates are applicable to all products and services. We will send an email certificate that can be redeemed at our store (or online) at your convenience.

Questions? Let us know we’re happy to help. Contact us directly at 

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