Reflexology is one of the best alternative methods to full body rejuvenation and repair. It is a very in depth modality that can stimulate the body in its entirety. Although there are many ways of accessing the body, we have found that our reflexology technique to be one of the most complete and accurate modalities practiced today. Many people have experienced remarkable relief from common ailments such as headaches, back pain, digestive and sleep disorders, depression, auto immune failure, the common cold/flu, relief of stress and many other health problems. Within each persons feet lies a detailed and complex signal system. This signal system is thought to be connected to every part of the anatomy-the circulatory, lymphatic, nervous, structural, endocrine, digestive, respiratory, reproductive, muscular systems, and also the emotional and etheric/spiritual bodies. These signals are believed to run throughout our bodies, especially to the extremities, the ears, hands and especially our feet. Extensive research has proven the feet to be very accurate in correlating the mapped reflex points to the systems of the body. With this mapping, a trained and certified Reflexologist practitioner is able to access the body.

This healing art is based on the principle that there are reflexes in the head, feet and hands which correspond to every gland and organ of our bodies. Through the application of pressure on these reflexes, relief from tension, improved circulation and promotion of the natural functioning of the related areas of the body can be achieved. A specially designed reflexology reclining chair or massage table is used to make it possible for you to relax to the point of falling asleep during this treatment.


Express Session$55
Deluxe Session$85
includes a foot bath with river rock therapy, essential oils and a leg massage to truly enhance the relaxing effect.
With Hot Rock Therapies$85