Reflexology Course

Reflexology is becoming so much more recognized because it is effective. More and more people are reporting the results to their Doctors and the benefits they have derived from having regular Reflexology treatments. The time is coming when the course will be much longer (probably 1 year or more) and possible Government regulated as it is in the UK and many other Asian and European countries. These countries employ their Reflexologist’s in hospitals, factories and clinics. The price of the course will rise accordingly as well. This is a good time to become certified, as once you have your certificate, no one can take it away from you.
Another point of consideration is that the reflexes we stimulate for glands, organs, other parts are not going to change significantly, no matter how much anatomy and physiology is added to the course. Years of Reflexology experience will count far more to people seeking healing than someone with a larger knowledge of pathology.

Certification: Written and practical exams will be available to students who wish to become certified at $50 each. A certificate will be given upon successful completion of the course exam, a practical or video and case studies.

Length of Course: 2 Intensive Weekends
Cost: $899 includes manual
Supplies: A list will be forwarded to each student upon registration.

In Class
Two intensive weekends include academic study through video presentations, discussion and seminar formats. The morning will be used for theory and the afternoons will be practical hands-on work.

Please dress comfortably and be prepared to have some lovely foot massages done. Your homework and assignments can be completed in between our two weekends. You can write your exam as soon as you want or take your time. We give you a year to complete the case studies.

Student Clinics are offered to help you develop a clientele and finish your case studies when ever we can.

The complete course manual and video come in this correspondence course. You can complete this course at your own pace over a year’s time or in one month if you want to. There are no hand ins and together we will arrange a convenient place and proctor for your exam when you are ready to complete your program. Of course, you can send us a video instead of taking the practical if that is easier for you. Details will be included in your correspondent package.

Cost: $850 includes manual
Video: Training Video Cost $24.99
Supplies: A list will be forwarded to each student upon registration.

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