Biofeedback Resonance
Quantum Xrroid Consciousness Interface

Indigo Machine Testing and Treatments – now available

QXCI Analysis and Treatments for: Organ weakness; Nutritional Deficiencies; Bacteria, Fungal and Virus Detections; Hormonal Imbalances; Parasites; Toxicity Levels; Emotional Well-Being and more ….

QXCI explained in more detail.

Get biofeedback on each and every one of the 200 trillion cells in your body. The latest in cutting edge technology.

An age where the focus is on prevention.
Ancient healing meets modern science!
Have you noticed the technological advancements in today’s society? From the simple cordless telephone, to the remote control, to wireless technology.. we are living in the information age!
Computers have become an integral part of our lives – we use them for almost everything today. Except perhaps, one of the most important aspects of our lives – our health!

Is optimum health your priority?
If so, think prevention.
The time has come to harness the tremendous power and capacity of the computer for optimal health … TODAY!
Introducing the latest energetic medicine device currently on the market.
The QXCI Quantum Xrroid Consciousness Interface QXCI .. an evoked potential biofeedback device used by qualified practitioners to evaluate underlying stressors in the body.
According to research, stress accounts for at least 90% of all illnesses.

Stress, if not addressed can manifest destructively in the body.
Prevention is better than cure.

Imagine if you were told a computer could evaluate your body and correct any stressors that you may have developed over the years from excesses and abuse in your life.
Imagine if your practitioner had the power to ‘read’ your body through the use of sophisticated computerized biofeedback mechanisms, then empower you to get your health back in balance.
Sound like star trek?
Welcome to the new era of Quantum Healthcare!

The effects of stress in the body…. Stressors in the body can manifest in common imbalances, obesity and more.
Did you know that skin conditions such as eczema, acne and psoriasis can also be caused by excessive stresses in the body? Did you know that degenerative disorders such as cancer are a result of prolonged stressors in the body?
As the body begins to adapt to these stressors, degenerative disorders begin to occur. The QXCI can help your practitioners identify these stressors before they become an issue.
Once identified, with the aid of the QXCI, your practitioner can show you the path to better health.
With the QXCI your practitioner can evaluate possible stressors such a:

food sensitivities hormone levels
nutritional and vitamin deficiencies viruses, bacteria, fungi & parasites
toxicities environmental factors
mental/emotional states

In Europe, practitioners get outstanding results with the QXCI due to its tremendous suite of therapies…. such a s light, colour & sound, tri-vector field analysis, bioresonance therapy and more.

In fact, the QXCI is one of the most popular devises in Europe because it has more therapies available for the benefit of the client than any other devise in the world today!

Imagine your practitioner having the ability to perform each of the following therapies on you:

Allergy Desensitizing Detoxification Programs
Muscles/Sports Injuries Phobia Control via NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)
Spinal Flow Adjustments Electro Acupuncture
Cranial Sacral Dental and TMJ Analysis
Meridian Therapy and Chakra Balancing Brain Wave Pattern
Electronic Reflexology Biorhythms
Colour and Crystal Therapies Iridiology Program
Skin, Beauty and Anti-Aging Therapies Wellness Measurements
Weight Loss Herbal & Nutritional Charts

All this and more is available
** with the QXCI!

Ask yourself one question….
Do I want the best for my health?
If you answered YES….call us and schedule your appointment! TODAY!

For first appointments can range in time from 30 – 60 minutes $195.00
Assessments and testing will be completed and discussion at the end of the session for review of any supplements, dietary changes or remedies that each patient needs.

Telephone and Skype appointments are now available. Call 519-433-3434 for details and to book your appointment.

All follow up appointments that include harness and biofeedback machine are 1 hour for $150
Testing and treatments in various modalities are included with each follow up session. We can review what changes have occurred and discuss the treatment plan.

Personal Wellness Package #1
Personal Consultation, Saliva Test, Biotherapies & Homeopathy, Nutritional & Supplemental This consulation is done verbally only and no testing is included.

Initial Consultation Approx. 60 mins $95
Follow Up appointments (verbal) 20 – 30 mins $55

Personal Wellness Package #2
Personal consultation, a computerized QXCI full test to include: lifestyle evaluation, nutritional evaluation, saliva pH testing, adrenal testing, food & environmental allergy testing, cellular evaluation, vitamin and mineral analysis, electro acupuncture to balance your meridians, summary of your personal needs.

Initial Consultation, Chart & treatment Approx.
30 – 90 minutes
Follow Up Consultation with treatment 60 minutes $150
QXCI treatment alone 1 hour $15

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