Off Site Teaching

Whenever we have the chance to teach groups of interested people; we ask if you would like us to come to you. We have provided office appreciation days for companies here in London, we have taught young teenagers about Henna tattoos at birthday parties, we have done spa and bridal parties for ladies as well. We are often asked to come to a spa or salon and teach them a modality that they can offer to clients. Often as a salon expands, we are asked to come and teach a course in Spa Therapies for the weekend. We love doing this and if you have a group of like minded people and would like a member of our staff to come out and teach a course, birthday party, or workshop; we would be happy to make the necessary arrangements.

Of course you can use our facilities and have your group, party or club meeting here in the gardens or in our store if you would prefer that. Just ask us about how we can help you expand the knowledge of pampering the body and healing the soul.

Some of the suggested courses that we can offer are:

Spa Therapies
Any of our workshops
Upgrading Skills for other therapists

We will bring the equipment and supplies necessary if you provide the space.

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