Natural Pet Care

Natural Pet Care

We love our small friends so much that we have two cats (Aries and Callie) in the store to keep us company.  It is a proven fact that small animals can bring great comfort to people on many levels.

Keep  your pet healthy and happy by using natural, non-chemical based products.  Learn how to make your own ointments, creams, sprays, toothpaste and herbal pet beds.  We will examine the signs and symptoms to watch for and how easy it is to use every day treatments.

Aromatherapy is one alternative option that can and will be a significant fact in providing relief, assistance, healing and support in the day to day caring for our pets. Learn which essential oils will help when your pet is experiencing discomfort of any kind. Learn how to incorporate natural ingredients into your pets life through the use of essential oils and other natural herbs, homeopathy and pressure points.  Explore the side effects of some of the ingredients in mass marketed products. This course will give the student training in how to safely use different methods for their personal use in caring for their pets.
The course will also suggest ideas for easy recipes that will be made in class and ideas for at home care. All supplies are included!

Please bring a picture of your pet!

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