Ideal Protein in the Workplace

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is not easy, but it’s simple.
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An Ideal Approach to Workplace Wellness

The Ideal Protein Workplace Wellness Program

Let us show you how we can provide help in sustaining long-term results.

The Cost of Weight-Related Chronic Conditions

Statistics reveal that 2 out of 3 North American adults, aged 20 and over, are overweight or obese.1

As a result, many of these individuals are at risk for health problems related to high blood pressure, cholesterol imbalance, stroke,
heart disease, and cancers.

According to a 2017 survey by International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, 90% of organizations offer at least one kind of wellness benefit.2

Despite these benefits, in 2016 the CDC reported that overweight or obese workers with other chronic health problems:

  • Miss about 450 million more days of work each year than healthy workers.
  • Cost employers more than $153 billion in lost productivity annually.
  • Have resulted in medical claims and insurance premiums being at an all-time high.3

Why is this happening?

Because many employers lack a safe and effective weight loss program to assist their employees in losing weight and keeping the weight off.

Here Are Some of the Benefits of Implementing Our Program


Give employees the tools they need to work towards, achieve and maintain a healthier and happier life.


Boost morale and promote camaraderie among employees while endorsing a healthy work environment.


Show employees you value them by helping them improve their health and the health of their families.

Cost Savings

Offer a proven and structured program that provides employer savings from obesity-related costs.

Supporting Your Employees

One-on-One Lifestyle Coaching

With medical oversight, participating employees will meet individually with their Coach each week. During the meeting, the Coach will check the employee’s body composition and together they will discuss goals, challenges, and review a food plan for the following week.

Support Tools

In addition to daily educational videos, employee participants will have access to The IdealSmart App, a convenient and powerful tool developed to build and support healthy habits. Participants can log their meals, communicate directly with their Coach, track their progress to help build and support their new, healthier lifestyle.

Educational Events

We want to help support your current wellness initiatives for all employees. Please let us know about your health fairs, biometric screenings or if you would like to schedule an on-site Wellness Seminar.

The Ideal Protein Difference

Predictable. Repeatable. Sustainable.

The Ideal Protein Protocol is a medically developed protocol based on validated science. Containing two key components, Lifestyle Building and Lifestyle Living, participants and their families are empowered to sustain their weight loss results through one-on-one coaching, partial meal replacement, journaling, and ongoing education.

The Ideal Protein Wellness Program is an uncompromised experience to motivate, support and engage each of your employee participants by leading them to long-term success and life-changing results. We’ve even got the numbers to prove it!

Effect of The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol on Employee Health Care Costs

  • Presented during Obesity Week 2016.
  • Aspirus followed 306 health plan participant employees who had successfully completed the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol.
  • Analyzed healthcare costs for these employees from 2013 to 2015.
  • Results indicated an average decrease of $916.97 (18% reduction) in overall medical claims cost.
  • By implementing the Ideal Protein Workplace Wellness Program, employers could potentially save $500 to $1,000 annually per employee.5

Supporting Your Organization

Available as both a primary or complimentary workplace wellness solution, we can work directly with your organization or with your wellness provider to help your employees lose weight and keep it off.

Marketing and Promotion

At every stage, we provide all the marketing tools you need to effectively communicate Ideal Protein information to your employees.


We know wellness isn’t a one size fits all. We will work with you to customize the program to meet the needs of each individual employee.

Participant Data and Reporting

This is the best part! We provide aggregated data so that you can monitor the program’s progress and results. This is when you get to see how much your organization has helped with improving the health of your employees and their families.

Additional Benefits

Our wellness program is a complimentary service. We do not require your organization to subsidize any of the cost of the program; however, we hope you will consider doing so.

According to a RAND Corpora on Study in 20135, when incentives are provided for wellness programs, employee participation rates increase by about 20%.

Next Steps

Let us help you create a healthier workplace!

Our Workplace Wellness Coach works with organizations to put forward a medically-developed 4 phase Protocol focused on education. This approach empowers patients and clients to sustain healthier lifestyle habits and behavioral changes.

Find out how you can help your employees achieve predictable, repeatable, measurable results, and provide education on healthier lifestyle habits.