Hot Rock Therapies

Hot Rock Therapies


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Reflexology Facials

Level I
Prerequisite: Massage Certification or permission from Instructor

This is one of the most beneficial and demanded treatments in the Spa industry in North America at this time. The use of hot and cold rocks in varying Combinations, whether used in esthetics or body work, has a great impact on your clients. Hot rock therapies can also be referred to as thermotherapy, which refers tot he deeply penetrating heat of the smooth basalts stones or marble stones that are utilized as an extension of the therapists hands.

This therapy goes far beyond the physical experience and enters into deeper dimensions of emotions, total relaxation and spiritual connection. It can provide sedating or energizing responses in clients depending on how the stones are used.

Therapists like this work because the stones will do most of the deep, heavy work for them.

Length of Course: 2 days
Cost: $599

Correspondence: now available: $450 with manual and DVD
Supplies: A list of supplies and the kit information will be forwarded to each student when registering for this course

Certification: Given upon successful completion of class and case studies.
Students will receive an income tax deduction receipt for the full course fees.

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Level II Advanced
Prerequisite: Level 1 or with permission from Instructor

You will learn more about using both hot and cold rocks/stones in your treatments. Learn how to use cold marble stones more effectively in active applications and more passive ways. Learn what we consider the true therapy of cold and hot rock massage. Make use of the techniques of utilizing cold stone more effectively, but pleasing for your clients.

You will learn safe, new and effective techniques for using hot and cold rocks in deeper tissue work without any extra strain on your hands or body.

Length of Course: 2 days
Cost: $599

Certification: Successful completion of classes and case studies

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Level III
Prerequisite: Level II

The program will appeal to anyone interested in energy work in general. Learn that the human body cannot be separated into individual systems or parts. We, each person, functions in unison- connected and interconnected to ourselves and each other as well as all other living organisms. our body is a ‘wet battery’ of constantly moving energy (Ki), circulating through our cells, through tissue, muscles and organs of our bodies. These channels of energy are referred to as meridians.

In this program you will be introduced to the modality of Reiki. You will be attuned to Reiki Level 1 and 2. Then you will learn how to incorporate this energy into each and every treatment that you perform.

This program also teaches you how to incorporate the energy of crystals into your treatments. How to utilize pendulums for health issues and how to balance energies with pendulums. We will incorporate vibrational healing with the use crystal singing bowls, brass singing bowls and tuning forks to open up a whole new vista for you. I hope you will love it as much as I do.

Length of Course: 2 days
Cost: $799.

Certification: Upon successful completion of classes and case studies.

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