Holistic Nutrition Course

Holistic Nutrition

Prerequisite: None

The foods that we eat and ingest will help or harm our body; do you know the difference? This program examines holistic nutrition from a variety of perspectives. Explore the role of nutrients in relation to health issues; past and current eating and diet trends. How to assess our own nutritional health and needs for the challenges that we now face in our environment and work. How foods affect our overall well being and ability to perform. How to select the correct foods for health conditions.
This is an 7 week course designed to help beginners and practitioners understand the quote “Let medicine be your food and food be your medicine”.

In Class
8 weeks of classes offered. Enjoy lively discussions and friendship as we learn and discover the nutritional values of the foods of our society. How the media pressures our children and ourselves. An honest evaluation of our own eating styles and habits. This course can and will assist any practitioner to have the basic knowledge to help their clients. This course is also beneficial to anyone with an interest in understanding what basic food and nutrition is on a level that is easy and fun to comprehend.

Our last evening of class is celebrated with a pot luck dinner. Enjoy!

Length of Course: 8 weeks
Cost: $850

Complete manual comes with your course. Certificate of Completion for attendance given if no classes are missed.

Our teaching manual is sent out packed full of lessons that will assist you in nutrition – whether it is for self interest or as a therapist. Review questions need to be sent in for each of the lessons and a certificate of completion will be forwarded to you.

Length of Course: 1 year to complete at your own pace
Cost: $350

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