Holistic Nutrition

What is a nutritional Consultation for Health and Healing?
Your body and your health directly works on a principle that is so simple that it is generally overlooked: that food you absorb into your body must affect how it functions. “You are what you eat” is obviously not the whole truth, but what you eat cannot help to contribute to how well you are.

In traditional chinese medicine and also in acupuncture we believe that the two ways you feed and nourish your body, mind and spirit on a daily basis is through:
1. the air your breath into your lungs
2. the food and fluid that you ingest through you mouth.

These theories are thousands of years old and they still hold valid today. maybe we don’t pay attention or perhaps we become complacent about what we fuel the functioning of our bodies with; but, in the end, it will catch up with us. There are many diet fads available now – many that I think are dangerous or ill advised for most people. But, there are ways to eat to effects the correct balances in your body. There are foods to avoid for certain conditions and foods that you add to correct imbalances. In each consultation I strive to listen to what you are telling me the problem is or what you want to achieve.

What to Expect in a Consultation:

  • you will fill out a fairly extensive chart that includes lifestyles, work, stress etc
  • you will tell me in your own way what you hope to gain
  • we will discuss your chart and I will clarify any points
  • we will together make a plan of action that seems reasonable to you
  • You will have options of acupuncture, aromatic medicine, homeopathy, gemmotherapies, gammadyns, detoxification’s, and other methods of healing that I provide
  • dietary sheets for whatever we are working on
  • supplements, vitamins and or minerals etc
  • usually each month we will follow up and adjust your individual program


Initial Consultation45 – 60 minutes$65 +testing
Follow Up Consultations30 – 60minutes$60
Follow Up Acupuncture Treatments30 minutes$75+

Nutrition is a practical way of overcoming illness and promoting health naturally without the use of toxic drugs. During the process the whole body is encouraged to heal so as to create balance and the proper functioning of the internal and external working of your unique and wondrous body!