Each and every treatment is custom blended to suit your specific needs.

Aromatherapy Facials
This is the ultimate in facial work for clients. Essential Oils work on many levels even while doing a skin treatment, you are bathed and surrounded by wonderful aromas that evoke relaxation and calmness. Essential oils are ideal for any skin type because they normalize cellular breathing and metabolism. They help clear the skin of toxins and revitalize at the molecular level due to the unique chemistry. When used in facials the small molecular structure of essential oils allows them to penetrate through the skin and into the vascular and lymph systems. In each or our facials we utilize oils in our cleansers, floral waters, infused steams, exfoliators, massage, masks and moisturizers that are custom-blended just for your skin needs. You may choose from:

Express Facial $65
Includes blackhead removal and deep cleansing mask and customized massage oils. Each ingredient is carefully selected for your skin
Aromatherapy Facial $65
Indulge your senses with the relaxingaromas of pure essential oils. Skin analysis, customized cleansers, Floral waters, continental massage, aromatherapy mask and final with a custom moisturizer.
Revitalizing Facial $85
Combines Vitamins, hydroxy acid exfoliation to give your skin a refreshed revitalized and smooth appearance. Darker spots or dark pigmentation are lightened and any rough texture is smoothed. Then a contour mask for mature, aging or devitalized skin will enhance the youthful effect. This wonderful treatment adds luminosity to every skin type.
Blemish Control Facial $70
For any skin, any gender or age that is prone to breakouts or chronic skin problems. The Dermalogica product will be selected just for your skin to heal and calm. Comes as a simple treatment, but we suggest that for best results you consider a series of at least six treatments for excellent results. Try our series of six for $385
Skin Brightening $115
For Pigmented Skin. Try our series of six for $385
Fire and Ice Zen Stone Facial $75
Men’s Facial $65
Deep Cleanse and Extractions
Revitalizing Eye Rescue $30
Help reduce irritation and puffiness. Reduces bluish aspect of circles. Try the series of 10 treatments for $285.
Upper Lip Treatment $30
Reduces fine lines on upper lip area. Try 10 treatments for $285
Skin Analysis $25
Fruit Peel Mask $45
Collagen-Pure Mask $95
Perfect to rehydrate skin, this give a refreshing effect and aids in regaining firmness, elasticity, and glowing skin. Smoothes rough texture and nurtures even the most sensitive of skins. Helps to prevent wrinkles when used with our specially formulated skin serum
Hot Rock Facial $75
The firming benefits of ice cold and Oh! so hot rock therapy included with the message. This treatment is sure to take your mind off everyday stressors and give your face a little perk for special occasions. Essential oils are custom blended for your specific skin type
Acupuncture Face Lift $85
This technique is noticeable immediately however, we suggest a series of them for a more lasting effect. Initial Consultation is $170 with the treatment and then treatments are $75 each
Oxygen Facial Treatment $130
Improves skin tone, firms sagging skin, stimulates cell renewal, reduces pore size, and eliminates fine lines and wrinkles but also works to reduce puffy eyes and plumps thinning lips.