Body Exfoliation

Body Polishing $55
A gentle and relaxing exfoliation of your entire body. This treatment will eliminate the dead skin cells that lay at the top of our skin to reveal a beautifully soft and radiantly youthful skin. This is a wonderful treatment that leaves your skin ready for more treatments so we recommend following this treatment with a massage of warm oils to rehydrate and nourish your skin. You will be glowing! Combine with a massage for $100 ( Save $15!)

Approx.25 min

Aromatic Salt Glows $50
This is a very fragrant exfoliation method. Custom oils will be prepared and combined with dead sea salts to relax, detoxify and leaves your skin radiant with a fresh layer of new cells. You will feel so soft. Ready for your next body treatment.

Approx. 20 min

Pina Colada Pumice Scrub $75
Almond Walnut Scrub $75
Aleo Cucumber Scrub $75
Dry Skin Brushing $35
This is a stimulating lymphatic drainage technique that employs the use of a small, soft bristle brush. While stimulating and exfoliating the skin, this also increases the blood circulation, bringing fresh oxygen to the surface. It gives you a warm, glowing feeling. Reduces cellulite by stimulating better elimination of toxins through the lymphatic system. Excellent treatment to prepare your skin before any body wrap or massage.

Approx. 20 min