Biotherapeutic Drainage is a treatment method aimed at supporting the body’s natural routes of elimination and enhancing the cellular function of the organs and tissues within the body.

The body is constantly filtering out toxins from the water supply, air, food, and environment.  Non-organic processed foods may contain chemicals or preservatives that are filtered through the liver in order to be excreted. All medications are processed in a similar way. The human body has a limited capacity to break down and excrete these and other unnatural chemicals.  When that limit is surpassed the liver is no longer able to prevent harmful substances from entering the bloodstream and affecting the rest of the body. Biotherapeutic Drainage helps to assist our body in optimizing elimination.

Using the analogy of creating a garden, it is important to prepare the soil prior to planting the seeds.  Attention must be paid to the condition of the soil, removing rocks, adding missing nutrients and preparing for proper water drainage.  This ensures that the garden has a solid foundation and enhances the likelihood that the seeds will survive and grow into healthy plants.  Biotherapeutic Drainage follows similar principles in that it is utilized to ensure that the body’s foundation is strong and balanced in preparation for further growth and enhancement.

Elimination of metabolic breakdown products occurs through the breath, kidneys, intestines (supported by the liver) and skin.  If the primary routes of elimination are not functioning optimally they will overload and create secondary routes of elimination which typically involve the mucus membrane tissue of the body.  This will result in an inflammatory process of the tissue – in the intestines (enteritis), urinary tract (cystitis), skin (eczema), respiratory bronchioles (asthma) and genitals (leukorrhea).  Elimination needs to be balanced and continuous, otherwise, our body will result in a build-up of toxins.  In chronic disease, often one or more systems of elimination are blocked or sluggish, which may result in an overload of the other systems.  Muscle aches or fibromyalgia may indicate that the musculoskeletal system is overloaded. Tension, anxiety, and insomnia may point to an overactive nervous system.  Menstrual irregularity or infertility indicates hormonal systems are out of balance. The goal in Biotherapeutic Drainage and naturopathic medicine, in general, is to assist movement towards a higher state of healthy balance.

The Unda remedies are considered Biotherapeutic Drainage and are complexed homeopathic formulations that originated in Belgium in the 1930’s.  Formulated on the basis of homeopathic, botanical, Chinese medicine and anthroposophical traditions, these powerful remedies are dilutions of plants, minerals, and metals.  The plants have an affinity for particular organ and tissue systems and are the “carriers” of the metals and minerals, thereby directing treatment to the appropriate system.  The metals are in D6, D9 and D12 dilutions that are compatible with intracellular concentration levels, thereby supporting various cellular functions.  As a result, the Unda remedies are powerful and unique Biotherapeutic Drainage formulations.