The CORE Program — Clean Out and Rejuvenate Effectively

As seen in Vitality Magazine, May 2009 issue, pg 90-91

The human body is forced out of balance on a daily basis with all the toxins absorbed from food, water, and air. Toxins accumulate and interfere with metabolism, nerve, and endocrine function, fat stores, muscle tone, lymphatic drainage and digestion.

The Core Elite System 4(CES4) [CORE = Comprehensive Optimization of Rejuvenation Essence] technology provides a reliable and repeatable electronic current application to detoxify, improve lymph function, breakdown abnormally sequestered fat stores through electrolipolysis, and tonify tissues. The CORE Program includes three major health and wellness treatments:

CORE Cleanse — is a detoxification program to break down and drain out toxins in the fat and lymph tissues, particularly around the abdominal tissues. A dietary and hydration program along with specific supplements is designed and tailored for each patient’s individual needs.

CORE Lymph — this program drains the lymphatic system of fluid and toxins (as seen in cellulite) and helps reduce water retention using non-invasive electronic waves

CORE Tone — this is a specific muscle conditioning that targets muscle strengthening, definition, and growth in concert with physical training programs

The CORE Cleanse Program technology:

This comprehensive detoxification program uses state-of-the-art technology to help your body rid itself of dangerous toxins. It is known for increasing energy levels, optimizing digestive function, improving skin health, sleep patterns, mood, and mental clarity, removing excessive fluids, and often results in weight and inch loss.

Through 40 specifically placed conductor pads, gentle electronic waves are applied to specific key acupressure points. Each 40-minute session helps your cells release toxins into the drainage channels, and filter out the toxins and excrete them.

The CORE Cleanse program consists of:
· Full in-depth program of 12 treatments over four to six weeks, or moderate program of six treatments over two to three weeks
· A set of self-adhesive treatment pads that only you use
· A clean-eating plan geared toward individual needs, rich in fruits and vegetables. This balances body pH by increasing alkaline-rich foods and decreasing acid-forming foods
· Individually recommended supplements, if indicated, assist the targeted areas in releasing cellular toxins, drainage of lymph and lipolysis, or breakdown of abnormal sequestered fat stores, which can then be burned as energy
· Lifestyle recommendations to ensure the best results possible
· Pre-treatment preparation and post-treatment evaluation sessions, including pre- and post-body composition analysis, as well as phone support throughout the program

Benefits include:
· Body detoxification and elimination of deeply held toxins and food residues
· Improved lymphatic drainage
· Dramatic increase in energy levels
· Improved digestion, often resulting in fewer food sensitivities
· Most participants find they have a decrease in food cravings
· Better body system and organ function — including liver, kidney, digestive, circulatory and lymph systems
· A secondary effect is often weight loss if your body is holding onto extra weight
· The ability to gain weight to a normal level, if that is a problem for you
· Other commonly reported benefits to include improved nighttime sleep; fewer mood swings and less irritability; decreased “puffiness” and fluid retention; reduction in sore and stiff joints and skin break-outs.