Animal Reiki

For years I have used Reiki on everything from my car and computer to offering healing treatments to many of my patients and students. It was the only treatment that really healed a knee injury for me several years ago. Over the years as I have lived with farm and house animal companions, I have touched and felt Reiki in different ways. I have found that especially my sister Mary and all of the beloved animals in my life have taught me many things about unconditional love.

Animals live in the moment; they forgive and forget; they are joyful and they listen. Animals have taught me about commitment and responsibility. My cats have always been my comforters and confidantes. I have watched others with their animal companions and I have been amazed at the love that I see flowing both ways in those relationships. I truly have never understood how anyone could ever harm these lovely creatures that God has given us as companions.

Recently I have lost the company of my beloved Siamese cat, Suki. I am blessed to still have her litter mater Kiko with me. He has always been my favorite cat of all time and I had thought that Suki would have been there to help me through losing him. Little did I realize that I could lose her first. I have found great comfort in having her ashes and paw print at my bedside and sometimes I still think that I hear her call to me in the hall. I used Reiki many times on her and the Vets were amazed that she lived as long as she did. She taught me my greatest lesson of bonding, loving communication and letting go with grace and dignity.

Reiki Sessions for Animals:

30 minutes can be long distance $35
I can also drive to your location – drive time and expense would be extra and depend on how far I need to go 30 minutes $35

It is a very easy holistic therapy to learn. I would like to suggest that you think about taking the First Level of Reiki for Animals if you feel that you could use this modality for yourself or on your animal companions. It can be used very successfully on horses, birds, cats, dogs, reptiles etc. Here is the link to our Reiki for Animals Course page: Level 1




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