Pro-Energy Weight Loss Program


We are the new healthy diet for a magnificent look! Pro Energy offers high-quality protein products and a program of simple and effective weight loss to suit today’s lifestyle. We offer a weight loss program that is developed by our Health Department and is constantly supervised and monitored by our certified nurse.


Recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), the protein diet is prescribed by physicians in several countries worldwide. The protein diet was developed in 1973 by Dr. George Blackburn at Harvard University. Low-carb diets began more than 70 years ago!

How does fat accumulate?

The two major factors traditionally involved in the accumulation of fat are consumption and energy expenditure. In this framework, maintaining a healthy weight is a matter of energy accounting. 
The daily energy intake from the diet including carbohydrates. Sucrose, glucose, fructose, etc., lipids (fatty acids) found in vegetable oils and animal fats and proteins in particular, vegetable (algae, eg lenses) or animal (meat, fish). 
When the body receives more than it spends, it stores a portion of the intake as fat in adipose tissue. However, the metabolism is very different depending on the individual plays an important role, and some people go so easily become obese than others.

The two major factors traditionally involved in the accumulation of fat are consumption and energy expenditure. In this method of analysis, maintaining a healthy weight is a matter of energy accounting. 

Our daily energy intake includes carbohydrates: sucrose, glucose, fructose, etc., lipids (fatty acids) found in vegetable oils, animal fats, and also in plant proteins (seaweed, lentils) or animal proteins (meat, fish). 

When our body receives more energy than it uses, the excess energy is stored as fat in the adipose tissue. Metabolism plays an important role in the storage of energy and as everyone’s metabolism is different, some people are more likely to become obese than others. 


Our products are the new “Health Plan” for a beautiful and healthy YOU. Pro Energy offers different methods of coaching for weight loss: a toll-free number for customers, as well a web site that offers a follow-up service, coaching, and the complete operational protocols online. 


You have three options in your first phase of the diet. OPTION 1, 2 or 3 will be determined by your coach or health professional at your first meeting.

PHASE 1: The three options in phase 1 are determined by the amount of carbs per day you are ready to consume during your weight loss. Each option is different but essentially they all focus on controlling protein intake, carbohydrate intake and amount of exercise per day.

Once you have completed this process, you will move on to a transition phase, which will help you maintain your new healthy lifestyle. For more information, see Follow-up and Maintenance.

The difference between us and all the other diet plans is our meticulously researched food plans. We are a diet plan that focuses on carbohydrate and protein intake rather than calorie intake. Contrary to other calorie counting diets, we enable you to lose weight BUT also maintain your muscle mass so you can eat healthy meals without feeling tired or hungry afterwards. Furthermore, we offer you our own healthy food products to help you with your weight loss. The Pro Energy products include delicious breakfasts, nourishing shakes, refreshing drinks, protein bars, hardy pastas and even chocolate chip cookies! It has never been so easy to follow a diet plan.


  • An approximative savings of 10 – 15 % on the products
  • Medically recognized and approved
  • Monitoring with a certified therapist
  • Minimum 6 week program with an initial objective of losing 20lbs
  • Program offered with a dietary re-education
  • Concept that allows easier calculation of carbohydrates
  • Many options are offered during the first phase for a significant weight loss
  • An excellent variety of tasty products
  • Fruits and cheeses are allowed
  • Strict and obligatory weekly follow-ups
  • The majority of our products are gluten-free, soy-free or lactose-free
  • Access to over 2000 vitamins & supplements
  • Stabilization of cholesterol, diabetes, etc.
  • Guaranteed weight loss as a result of the ketosis exam