Fertility Treatments


Infertility is the inability to conceive a child after a year of unprotected sexual intercourse. First degree infertility means those who have never had children. Second degree refers to couples who have children and are unable to conceive again.
The instances of women having infertility issues are about 50% of the time; while men are approximately 40% of the time. Infertility is quite simply difficulty in conceiving; it does not mean that you are sterile.

What has gone wrong?
Some of the most common problems that interfere with conception are:

ovulation problemshormone balancescandida overgrowth
fibrocystic growthsendometriosishypothyroid
chronic miscarriagesantibodiescervical mucus
sperm complicationsnutritional deficiencies PCOinfections
stresspsychological issuesimpotence
structural damageprevious lifestyle choicesmedications

What Can I Offer You Naturally?

We will give you nutrition information to support fertility and advise on what to avoid: recreational drugs, tobacco, caffeine, alcohol etc. Vitamins for fertility, minerals needed for fertility, herbs for male concerns, herbs and supplements for women, lifestyle strategies, stress-less practices and body workProven Alternative Therapies That Work:

  1. Acupuncture
  2. Auricular Therapy
  3. Reflexology
  4. Homeopathy
  5. Massage
  6. QXCI -fertility treatments
  7. Aromatic Medicine
  8. Therapeutic Lifestyle – FLT

When treating infertility, it is beneficial to monitor your cycle via the BBT, Basal Body Temperature chart. In TCM terms, this gives us valuable information about how to treat you. TCM treatment at its most basic form, focuses on the balance between yin and yang. The BBT chart shows us the base levels of yin and yang, as well as, the interplay between them at a very detailed level. In Western terms what we are monitoring is your hormone levels, predominately the levels of estrogen and progesterone. The BBT chart also gives functional information about the hypothalmus-pituitary-ovarian axis, corpus luteum, and emotional stability. Below is what a normal BBT chart would look like:

Infertility and IVF

Recent research shows acupuncture is an effective treatment for improving the success of IVF. The April issue of Fertility and Sterility, published a study in which 160 women undergoing either IVF or ICSI were randomly assigned to a control group or an acupuncture group. The acupuncture group received an acupuncture treatment 25 minutes before and then 25 minutes after embryo transfer.

Six weeks after the embryo transfers were performed, all of the women were given an ultrasound examination. In the control group, the presence of a fetal sac, the scientists’ criteria for a clinical pregnancy, was found in 21 women (26.3%). In the acupuncture group, the pregnancy rate was “considerably higher” – 34 women (42.5%) were carrying a fetal sac at the time of examination.

Christine Richards is experienced in helping women with infertility. Also in cases that are due to disharmonies with the sperm, acupuncture and herbal medicine can be of help. Sperm count; sperm quality and mobility can all be improved. The Clinic is a community partner with the Fertility Clinic at UWO.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does this interfere with other fertility treatments that I am doing?
The simple answer is – no, not at all! I practice an integrated approach that works well with any treatment plan used by your other doctors or fertility clinic. I am always happy to work with your caregivers to achieve the success you want.

How successful is this natural approach?
I cannot make any guarantees; however, I have had good success. I specialize in natural fertility for both men and women. The methods that I use have been used for more than 5000 years.
Clinical studies have been done on each of the treatments that I utilize (ie. acupuncture, homeopathy, nutrition, vitamins, minerals and stress reduction techniques) Some of these clinical studies are available to you on various web sites if you would like to look them up.
Remember that you and your partner will be involved in the process to achieve success. You will also benefit by having better health,( which you will pass on your children) more energy, deeper sleep, hormonal balance and a great outlook on life.

How Do I Get Referred?
I accept referrals from any physician or health care practitioner, any fertility group or clinic and you can also ‘self-refer’ by calling and requesting an appointment.


Initial Consultation1 -2 hours$90
Follow Up Consultations25 – 30 minutes$55
Follow Up Acupuncture Treatments20 – 35 minutes$55-$75
Neuro Functional Acupuncture Treatments30 – 45 minutes$75