Ear Candling Course

Ear candling is not new. This technique goes back hundreds of year. It has been written that this method goes back to the Indian, Chinese, Egyptian and American Native cultures. Traditionally, candling was performed by master healers to clear and cleanse both the physical and auric body.

Students will be introduced to the principles and standard practices used in Ear Candling and its proper application, the use of essential oils and the head, neck and shoulder, drainage massage techniques. Topics such as history of Ear Candling, properties of essential oils, carrier oils and creams applications will provide the student with a basis to practice treatments and advance to successfully completing this certification course. Manual comes with your course and supplies are offered to students at a discount. Otoscopes are required and can be purchased with your supplies.
Upon successful completion of the in class or correspondence course, students will achieve a certification.

Class: $550

Correspondence: $350 plus This comes with the complete manual and easy to follow instructions. A step by step guide to have your performing ear candling within a very short time. You will have confidence to practice and we will only be an email away if you have questions while you are going through the course. A great way to learn if you live far away or have difficulty with the timing of scheduled classes.

Video: $24.99

Kits: Mandatory for completing the program.

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