Custom Skin Care

We really shine when it comes to creating just the right facial serum, the perfect cleanser or a balancing moisturizer. We develop our own soaps, cleansers, exfoliators etc. right on the stove in the back room specified by your skin type or customized to meet other needs. All of our ingredients are pure, safe and natural; that is why we make each only in small quantities. None of our creams, lotions, oils, cleansers or soaps contain any synthetic chemicals.

We don’t carry any animal tested or products that have used dead animals like Emu oil.   As good as some of the benefits of animal products, I do not condone their deaths for cosmetics!

Each client and each skin is uniquely different in its structure, needs and behaviour. Each of our clients are special! A skin care program can be designed to fit into your lifestyle – simple, fast and effective.

Take the time for a skin, hair and body consultation by one of our in-house experts. We cater to adolescents, men and women of all ages. (not just perfect model types – although we like them too) Our aromatherapists will work with you to develop an easy to apply and no fuss line of customized cleaners, oils etc. (workshops are available to make your own cosmetics too!)

Consultation $55
take approx. 1 hour (Products extra)
Perfume Blending Consultation  $20
approx. 15 min (Products extra)