Cranial Sacral Course

Cranial Sacral

Introduction – Level 1 
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Cranial Sacral techniques are over 100 years old and is based on the vision of Dr. William Garner Sutherland.
He stated that all healthy living tissues breathed rhythmically with the motion of life. We as practitioners are trained to be aware of these subtle manifestations as they course through the body. These rhythms include the fluctuations of cerebrospinal fluid, which bathes and nourishes the central nervous system. Our focus is to re-establish the relationship between the dysfunction and chaos of cells and tissues and the Divine ordering principle. Listening to and observing the therapeutic process facilitates an increase in function throughout the organism. Craniosacral therapy is a simple, direct means for tapping into the body’s inherent healing intelligence,
which we call “The Breath of Life”. It is one of the most powerful and fastest growing approaches to mind-body healing.

Level 1 Introduces basic approaches for working with cranial sutures, vault bones, cranial base, cranial membrane system, sacrum, and cerebrospinal fluid. Learn and explore the role of the cranial sacral system in structural and physiological health of individuals.
The student is taught the “mindset” that are currently taught worldwide. This craniosacral therapy is based on the lineage from Sutherland, Becker, and Sills and has developed along the lines of current concept of physics where the human form is perceived as a liquid crystalline matrix.

The first Level covers the history of the work and the lineage that brings us to the present state of application, to a wide scope of issues that are brought to our practice. Perceptual skills are the fundamental thrust of this seminar where stillness and a place of neutral are sought and all techniques spring forth from that place of presence.

Field dynamics are introduced and the shifts of perception or change in state are the focal point of this seminar. The three tides (CRI, mid-tide and long tide) are introduced within the perception of the fluid field. Still Points as a therapeutic tool are also explored.

Length of Course: 2 day intensive
Cost: $300

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Level 2
: Intro or permission from Instructor

This program will focus on the position and mobility of the sacrum, the function of the pelvic girdle, the interaction of the sacral and cranial elements, and the role of the feet and lower extremities in providing stability and somatic grounding. 
Length of Course: 
2 day intensive
Cost: $350