Core Cleanse

Why do you need Detoxification Therapy?

There is nothing mysterious about diseases and what causes them. The answers to health are simple when you understand what in actuality causes and leads to disease.

When your body becomes acidic and toxic, your organs and glands begin to fail and degenerate. The body becomes full of inflammation and from these obstructions, symptoms begin to appear. Low energy is the first symptom to indicate that the body is toxic and out of balance; providing an environment for disease to develop and form.

Detoxification has been helping people overcome the most difficult health problems and body maintenance for ideal health improvement. This Detox program is designed to cleanse and regenerate each and every cell of every organ in your body.

The CORE Cleanse Program is at the cellular level. We cleanse, alkalize and revitalize the whole physical body.

In order to restore your health you must remove toxins, inflammation and weaknesses from the vital systems and organs of your body. You must eat “Living Foods” and take in appropriate vitamins and minerals on a daily basis. Our services are specifically inclined to guide you through a change and betterment of your health. Our goal is to help you help yourself begin a journey of total health and a disease free lifestyle.

Digestive Disorders Kill 200,000 Americans a year. They’re linked to 89.2 million doctor visits. We are putting an end to these preventable illness and premature aging with our amazing program. You now have this opportunity to truly change your life by achieving the health and body you have always dreamed of.

The CORE Cleanse Program

The CORE Cleanse Program is specifically designed to address your metabolic slowdown due to toxic accumulation. It focuses on breaking down internal congestion in your body caused by the annual build up of calcified toxic wastes.

We all know our bodies become toxic with pollutants, food sensitivities, and everyday stress. As a result our systems become sluggish and inefficient which makes greater wellness and permanent weight loss more difficult.

Obviously it takes time to recover from years of abuse. The CORE Cleanse Program gives you a fantastic start. You will feel totally back to renewed health if your systems are only slightly toxic or you will continue on your new found health routine. You will be reminded of how great it feels to have energy all the time, not just enough to get through the day, but enough to live life to the fullest.

The body is a miraculous self-healing vessel. If it is given a chance to take the CORE steps towards health, it takes the next leaps and bounds by itself.

Ten years of serious damage can be reversed in a year. With less serious damage, most of us can return to optimum health in three months. Depending on a person’s condition when they start, two weeks can have them looking and feeling better than they have in years.

Now is your chance to renew your health!

CORE Detoxification Technology

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