Colds & Flu


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Well, it’s that time of year yet again. Let’s start with prevention and then work into what to do if you get sick!


  1. Dress for the season and weather!
  2. Keep your head, hands and feet warm.
  3. Try to reduce your sugar intake
  4. Try to get enough sleep
  5. Wash your hands.
  6. Take probiotics every day to boost your immune system.
  7. Take Vitamin D3
  8. Take Vitamin C with zinc
  9. Use Pleo Leucyn as a natural flu vaccine. Drops or spray.
  10. Avoid cold drinks or meals during fall and winter

Even if you have done all the right things and still get sick try one or two of these remedies:

  1. C1000 – high dosing
  2. Muco Coccinum  – cold and flu symptom relief
  3. Broncha – for chest congestion
  4. Echinacea – boost the immune system
  5. Hydrastis nasal drops – nasal and sinus congestion
  6. Pascoleucyn – spray or drops instead of the flu shot
  7. BioBoost – upper respiratory and immune booster
  8. drosera Plex –  Relief of coughs
  9. Echinasyr – great tasting for kids and adults
  10. Tussiflorin – Excellent for coughs, bronchitis and catarrhs of the upper respiratory system
  11. Metagenics – Ultra Flora Cold Support

Special – SAVE THE TAX – on any of these supplements.

The Challenge? Let’s see if we can all get through the cold season without getting sick.