Certification – The Pendulum Healing and Dowsing

The Pendulum Healing and Dowsing

We change timelines and transform in every single moment, it’s time to make use of the energy and frequencies that surround us and recognise ourselves as the powerful energy healers that we all are.

The ability to transform our energetic space, access inner wisdom and harness the hidden intelligence of the universe has always been our birthright…

… the pendulum just made it so much easier to access.

By connecting in with and commanding your higher self, source or inner archetypes years of family trauma, any neglect or imbalances in your energy or memory system can be cleared in minutes. Limitations, blocks, fears from this or past-lives can be reduced to zero in seconds.

Everything in the universe has a vibrational frequency, learn to match yours and align with abundance, clear self-sabotage, fear of tomorrow and hidden implants and imprints blocking your progress in this timeline.

Once you learn the ability to transmute non-beneficial energy into beneficial the world becomes alive with the possibility and potential of alchemy and magic.

Using the simple techniques I’ll be showing you how to repair, restore and regenerate cellular and organ energies, how to test for and transmute blocks in your energy and memory system.

Clearing blocks in the auric field is a simple process but you need charts, commands and ideas. These will all be provided.

Course Outline:

Lesson 1 – Which Pendulum to Use ? A quick guide

Lesson 2 – How does the pendulum work? What can we connect to?

Lesson 3 – Programming the YES/NO & Using the Body as a guidance system
Lesson 4 – Dowsing Protocols & Laying the Foundations
Lesson 5 – The Pendulum as a dowsing tool for empowerment
Lesson 6: The Pendulum as a healing tool
Lesson 7 – Testing frequencies with the pendulum – four examples
Lesson 8 – Dowsing Lists & Books for healing wisdom & insight
Lesson 9 – Clearing the Auric Field
Cost:   1 day  10 – 5 pm    $195 + HST
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