Certification Course – Thai Ball Massage

Thai Ball Massage 

In Thailand the herbal compress is a traditional treatment that is used extensively. We do not have access to the fresh herbs like they do in Thailand so the technique needs to be modified for working with the dried herbs instead.

The great thing is that this modality is amazing at working with scar tissue and releasing facial restrictions.

Learn the basics of working with Herbal Compresses (also known as Luk Pra Kob or Thai Hot Stems Deeply therapeutic moist heat treatment Great for deep tissue release without hurting your hands. This course will give you all the training for using the Herbal Compresses.

  • Get New Clients
  • Stay Competitive & Cutting Edge
  • Charge More per Client – Make more each month
  • Treat more Effectively
  • We will cover all the different types of stems that are available and what they would be good for.

    Great for :

    • Gentle Myofascial release
    • Gentle and highly effective Scar Tissue treatment.
    • Moist heat therapy
    • Stubborn muscle tension
    • Deeper relaxation

    Get a certificate for your wall and for Insurance coverage.

    CMTO Note: Although the techniques fall within the scope the CMTO does not recognize the name Herbal Compress. You can still practice this and be covered by your liability insurance however you will need to call it massage therapy with hydrotherapy to fit the CMTO requirements.

  • The deeply relaxing penetrating heat from the compress soothes the aching muscles whilst the essential oils released from the herbs are absorbed by the skin relaxing muscles to allow joints to move more freely.

    During  the course you will have the opportunity not only to give a full treatment but to receive one.  This will give you the opportunity to experience how wonderful the treatment can be for your clients.

    Thai Herbal Compress Massage training Course - Back Massage Image

    Course Outline

    On this course you will learn:

      • The History and development of Thai Herbal Compress Massage.
      • Health and safety precautions.
      • Guidelines to contraindications and cautions.
      • Benefits and effects of Treatment.
      • The Compresses used in the treatment.
      • Equipment.
      • Step by Step procedure of a complete Thai Herbal Compress massage treatment.
      • After care.Cost for certification $199.00 + HST,  plus the cost of the balls
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