Certification Course – Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage

This certification course is an ideal first course if you are considering becoming a therapist and contains everything you need to practice Indian Head Massage as a fully insured therapist.  This is a great therapy to add to your portfolio if you already practice.

This an easy therapy to get into because it does not require you to invest in a lot of equipment or supplies.  You don’t need a special couch or chair.  It is done “fully clothed”  and you can literally do it anywhere. 

The course includes:

  1. History of Indian Head Massage
  2. Massage Techniques
  3. Benefits of Indian Head Massage
  4. Contraindications for clients
  5. Where and how to deliver this service
  6. Balancing the Chakras
  7. Anatomy and Physiology
  8. Use of Essential Oils
  9. Setting up your work space
  10. Health and Safety issues
  11. The Routine
  12. Case Studies

Supplies Needed:

  • two bath towels
  • massage oil
  • pillow or bolster                   

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