Certification Course – Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation

Prerequisites for taking this program:

Training in formal Facial Esthetics by an approved institution or the completed study of Anatomy and Physiology as described in the other Cupping Courses.

The Facial Rejuvenation combines acupressure, thermotherapy, facial cupping and lymphatic drainage and topical skin foods.

Acupressure – Precise finger placement and pressure over specific points along the body. TCM theory describes special acupoints, or acupressure points, that lie along meridians, or channels, in your body. Vital energy flows through these channels as a life force called qi (ch’i). 12 major meridians connect specific organs or networks of organs, organizing a system of communication throughout your body. Some  meridians begin at your fingertips, connect to your brain and then connect to an organ associated with a certain meridian.Facial Zones
Contrast Thermotherapy is the inducement of circulatory gymnastics with the use of Hot and Cold Stones to massage the face, neck and décolleté. This treatment firms the hypodermis, increasing blood flow and excretion of toxins.
Facial Cupping increases circulation, plumps lines, lightens scars, while toning the muscles and draining stagnation using the Belletazze Facial Cups.

Program Content

  • Learn about the different therapies involved in this synergistic protocol
    Why to use them and how they act together
  • Recreate the proprietary masque from raw ingredients
     Examine the ingredients used and create a living facial masque for immediate use
  • Provide and receive this remarkable treatment in workshop lab
     Not only do your learn how to provide this outstanding treatment; but, you will also experience it first hand during the course
  • Students receive a workbook with the protocols, charts and forms.
    Replicate the same treatment in your practice with the manual and tools 
  • Included in the cost of the workshop is the Master Facial Cupping Set, Facial Stones, and a catalog of Facial Recipes.

    Walk away with the equipment needed to immediately add numerous effective, easy to do treatments to your service menu increasing your income significantly

Students learn, receive and provide a full Facial Rejuvenation Protocol in this 8 hour intensive program!

Please note there isn’t any  special pricing or refund for those not wanting the Master Facial Cupping Set.  These sets are part of the course.
If you already own facial cupping equipment you will  have the Master Facial set that comes with the Thermotherapy Stones.   Most therapists quickly find that they need at least 2 sets at their place of business and a set for home use, which is why it is included in the tuition for this training.

Course Cost:   $395 + HST


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