Certification Course – Facial Reflexology

Facial Reflexology

Incorporates reflexology techniques, Mama Pressure Points as well as using lymphatic drainage techniques.  we some inspiration from many of the historic Facial Reflexology maps used in TCM, but combine this with modern reflexology knowledge. Using a single reflex face map, it is quick to learn and easy to interpret which  reflex you are working on.

This is a wonderful treatment to receive and to give.

This is an ideal course to add to your Reflexology practice as it can be carried out in your table or chair.  Facial Reflexology is also useful for broadening out your client base as it will appeal to people who do not like to have their feet touched.  It is also great for people who like having facials done.

You will learn about 3 base oils and 10 essential oils.   Each person will learn to customize their blends for individual uses.

This mainly hands on course will concentrate of the different technique used in the routine, learning to find the reflexes and how to put the whole routine together.  During the course I will take you through a full facial reflexology treatment which also covers some work on the neck.  Students will give treatments to each other in class so that you can feel the treatment yourselves.

Contra indications and after care will be covered.

One Day – 10 – 4 pm    $199


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