Certification Course – Cupping

Contemporary Cupping Methods

1 Day Program –  $450                Order EquipmentCourse Course Outline:

  1. History, Theory and Equipment
  2. Benefits and Application
  3. Safety and Sanitation
  4. contraindications
  5. Detoxing and Education for Clients
  6. Cellulite
  7. Demonstration: Fire Cupping (my Favourite)
  8. Equipment and Methods for Fire Cupping
  9. Lymphatic System
  10. fascia and Negative Pressure
  11. Intro to Sports and Orthopedic Cupping
  12. Reflexology Review
  13. Negative Pressure Massage
  14. Other types of Cupping Techniques
  15. Marketing
  16. Abdominals and Belly
  17. Facial Cupping
  18. Shoulders, Back and Neck
  19. Facial Rejuvenation
  20. Feedback

Benefits to Practitioner

– Deep work – less strain on the Practitioner
– Tissue release without discomfort to client
– No additional time to treatment
– Increase in Revenues
– Inexpensive Equipment

– Add on treatment for most traditional protocols
– Variety of new treatments available with LMP Scope of Practice

Benefits to Clients

– Clears stagnation
– Drains & moves fluids
– Relieves Inflammation
– Nervous System Sedation
– Expels Congestion
– Stretches Muscle & Connective Tissue
– Loosens Adhesions
– Nourishing Blood Supply to the Skin


  1. Completed study of A & P
  2. Previous hands on bodywork
  3. If you have not worked with the human body using your hands, then you are not prepared to do safe, effective Cupping Therapy

Course Details:

3 day program   $899.00


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