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Microcurrent therapy can be used to treat most chronic diseases as well as to accelerate healing from injury, surgery, infections and pathogens.  Microcurrent therapy is also effective in treating pain from most sources.

The body uses electrical energy in order to function.  Not only is electricity essential for the operation of the body, it is also essential for the healing process.

The body produces electricity naturally.  There are tiny organelles in all healthy cells called Mitochondria.  Mitochondria are the powerhouses of cells and they use various nutrients and oxygen to create “Energy Molecule, called ATP.

Cells that are no longer working properly and can’t produce electricity require healthier neighbouring cells to provide the electricity for repair.  As bad conditions advance, there are not enough healthy cells that can produce enough electricity to repair.

Microcurrent Therapy can ramp up ATP production y 5 times or more.  This provides sufficient extra electrical energy to enable cells to function at a much higher level, reducing the effects of chronic diseases or injury.  This also provides healthy cells with enough energy to help repair their neighbouring cells.

Microcurrent therapy can therefore provide very rapid improvements in health, as well as over time reverse the effects of cell damage from aging.

Electrical energy is the common denominator regardless of the disease or its location in the body.  Microcurrent therapy is effective for tissue and neuron cells, and therefore is applicable for most diseases for most patients.

Introduction to Frequency Specific Microcurrent Webinar

with Dr. Carolyn McMakin

Whether you are a patient or a practitioner FSM is an incredible tool for all of the problems that patients and physicians have in medicine, so let’s go on. First I want to tell you about the new book that just came out, it’s called The Resonance Effect. It’s a story of how FSM was developed, it’s a book for consumers and patients as well as physicians, the reviews have been great, I had a great time writing it and when I read it now it’s almost like somebody else wrote it, it’s really a fun story. The title of the book is The Resonance effect and you can get it on amazon.com or you can buy a signed copy at our website frequencyspecifc.com/book.