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A Letter from the Professor:

Dear Prospective Student:
Thank you for your consideration of the extensive programs offered at The Canadian Institute of Alternative Medicine.

Started in 1996, The Canadian Institute of Alternative Medicine, (formerly Heaven Scent)  is an internationally recognized School of Holistic Studies.  Upon successful completion of our courses, you can apply for membership in the national and international professional associations.  That, in itself, speaks volumes of the quality of education that our students receive.

As a graduate of our programs, you are ready and very capable of ‘practicing’ in your chosen field.

We adhere to, and, exceed all expected requirements of study set by any of the professional governing bodies at this time. We also enjoy the designation ‘ Federally Certified Educational Institute” through the Federal Government of Canada. Our graduating certification students can be recognized in Canada, the USA, England, France, South America, Australia, New Zealand, and others countries upon membership in certain associations.

As the field of holistic and alternative medicine continues to grow and become accepted as a complementary healthcare modality, education requirements become imperative. Requirements at this time, are set for academic hours of class time or their equivalent for correspondence and online programs. The Canadian Institute of Alternative Medicine is committed to striving for excellence in our students through the use of globally researched sources on aromatherapy, herbology and pure, organic essential oils.

We, at The Canadian Institute of Alternative Medicine, realize that the selection of the correct school for each individual is an overwhelming task. With several programs and schools to choose from across Canada and the US; we understand the dilemma that you go through with each decision. However, each school is unique in their approach and depends on the instructor’s technique, personal interests, professional/personal experience, training in education and their personal philosophy. As well as the commitment of each of the teaching staff, the school’s position held within the field of alternative medicine, is also imperative to success. Our courses of study have evolved over years of learning, practicing, researching, using, distilling, growing and finally teaching. Our main priority and commitment are to you, our student, as a respected individual. We will endeavor to support you throughout your course of study and continue to support you in your continued practice with on-going advanced courses to extend your knowledge.
Respectfully yours,

Christine Richards, Owner

Certified Instructor/Practitioner

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