C.I.A.M Education


Aromatherapy Aromatherapy For Esthetics Advanced Clinical Aromatic Medicine Aromatherapy Certificate – CFA Class
Aromatic Medicine Diploma Aromatherapy 101 Introductory Aromatology Business Aromatology Certification
Animal Reiki Certification Syllabus Ear Candling Hot Rock Therapy Hot Rock – Facials
Hot Rock – Raindrop Therapy Hot Rock – Reflexology Holistic Nutrition Ionic Foot Detoxing Syllabus
Massage Courses Off Site Teaching Reiki Animal Reiki Certification Syllabus

C.A.I.M Courses: 

Hot Rock – Reflexology
Cranial Sacral

Canadian Institute of Alternative Medicine specializes in the practice and/or teaching of Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Animal Reiki, Facial Rejuvenation, Tuning Forks, Magnetic Therapies, Core Cleanse, Weight Management, Stop Addictions, Cupping, Acupressure, Healing Touch, Cranial Sacral, Hot Rock Therapies, Ear Candling, Holistic Nutrition, Holistic Esthetics, Spa Therapies, Crystals, Energy Work, Reflexology, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Esoteric subjects and other holistic health modalities.

What makes us unique and different?
  • We are proudly certified by the federal government as a Federally Certified Educational Institute and offer receipts for income tax purposes
  • Recognized by professional associations and the College of Massage Therapists for Continuing Education Requirements
  • Our students can enjoy the benefits of  international status  upon admission into certain  professional associations
  • All courses offered by The Canadian Institute of Alternative Medicine have been designed and written by the principal instructors: Christine Richards, R. Ac.  (Ontario) , RAHP, CAHP,  CFA Certified Instructor
    Designations outside Canada M.D.(M.A.), DAc, MIFHT
  • The Canadian Institute of Alternative Medicine specializes in Holistic Natural Medicine and strives to provide you with the very best, globally, researched course material and data available
  • You, as a student, will work directly with Christine Richards and other  representatives/tutors
  • Through personal, ongoing education, we will keep you up to date on governmental policy changes and any breakthrough in the medical or holistic healthcare fields
  • We carry a full line of acupuncture supplies, aromatherapy supplies, and massage equipment and supplies at retail and wholesale.  Heaven Scent has a full retail metaphysical store for students and customers.
  • We have an interactive website for courses, ordering, and information
  • We offer many certification courses and other workshops in healing techniques.

The Goals of The Canadian Institute of Alternative Medicine

The Canadian Institute of Alternative Medicine is committed to:

  • To provide alternative and holistic treatments for the community at large
  • To stay abreast of the advances and new technology as it might provide service to our clients and patients
  • To continue to advance our own education in the field of alternative and holistic medicine and to provide expertise in this area
  • To staff our location with therapists that can answer questions for retail customers and give some direction on therapies
  • Provide our students with the highest standard and quality of education in the field of Alternative Medicine and other healing practices
  • To uphold and advocate the principles, ethical standards, and values of our professions.
  • To strive to meet and support the needs of our students.
  • To promote our professions of healing therapies through research, publications of articles and professional development enterprises.
  • Provide and support the continuing education of graduates so as to extend and expand their existing knowledge base.
  • To support the possibility of integration of the natural and complementary therapies into the Canadian health care system.

Resource & Learning Center
The Canadian Institute of Alternative Medicine offers many books, videos, DVD’s, CD’s, meditation aids, candles, essential oils, gifts, vitamins, supplements, homeopathics, earth Goddess supplies, crystals and gemstones, skin and body care, carrier oils, floral waters, soap making supplies, garden decor and much more.

We have created a safe venue for instructors to come and share their knowledge of many ancient forms of knowledge. We teach Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Hot Rock Therapies, Acupressure, Animal Reiki, Reiki Levels 1 to 3, Herbs,  Teas,  Cupping Massage,  Cranial Sacral, Aromatherapy for Esthetics,  Spa Therapies,  Meditation,  Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Ear Candling, Crystal Healing Workshops, Holistic Esthetics, Holistic Nutrition, Herbs and workshops in a myriad of topics. Please review our monthly calendars. We at The Canadian Institute of Alternative Medicine hope that you enjoy our course offerings and catalog of essential oils and ancillary products. We look forward to welcoming you as a student into our course programs.

If you are interested in teaching a course or workshop, please write to us. We are happy to accommodate new courses.


Call Heaven Scent – 519-433-3434


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