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Course Title: Professional Aromatologist Certification

Overview: Learn everything about aromatic medicine and essential oils without having to perform body work. Ideal course for someone who wants to work in the health field, manufacturing, wholesale, trade shows, consulting work etc. This program will provide you will the knowledge to open your own practice or for an in depth personal knowledge. Learn how to utilize and understand the chemistry of plants to their best advantage. Learn about essential oils, application methods, contra indications, toxicology, blending for therapeutic reasons, perfumery and environmental fragrancing. produce blends and products all with natural ingredients for yourself, clients or you wholesale/retail business. This course is perfect for he person who wants to practice aromatic medicine without using the body massage.

Upon successful completion you will be eligible for membership as a Professional Aromatologist and you will be able to obtain liability insurance.
Massage can always be added on as a separate module if you later decide that you want it all.

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Length of Course: 1 year
Cost: $1599.

Special: You can receive a special kit of essential oils at our wholesale price to help get you started. Each course comes with a complete listing of the three kits that you can choose from.

Recognized by: You will be qualified to apply for professional membership in the CFA, International Federation of Holistic Therapists, The Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners, National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists and many more associations world wide.

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