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Aromatology Business Aromatherapy Esthetics
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Program #2   *Business Course

For anyone with a interest in working in or starting their own business in cosmetic making, soap making, esthetics, holistic health, health food store or retail aromatherapy.
In depth information on essential oils, history, uses, cautions, natural ingredients, environmental considerations and step by step blending notes. Learn how to create perfumes, skin care lines, bath products, hair care, shampoos, conditioners, customized items, maternity and baby care. Includes a module on anatomy and cross reference charts for your personal use.
This program offers more emphasis on start up and business aspects. Learn the ins and outs of business and working in the global market place with our 31 years of retailing experience. Our intensive, but comprehensive approach to business training and marketing in the holistic health field will equip you for private consultation, retail or producing a complete line of your own.
Aroma-massage can be added as a separate module.

Length of Course: One year – study at your own pace. 
Correspondence Only: $1899.
Includes: Essential Oil Kit for students.

Certification: Given upon completion of course, exam and case studies.

Recognized by: You will be qualified to apply for professional membership in the CFA, National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists (NAHA) and many more associations world wide as a Professional Aromatologist.

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