Aromatherapy for Esthetics

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Aromatherapy for Esthetics
This program is designed for professional estheticians or other interested beginners to offer an alternative to skin care products that contain chemicals, known carcinogens, animal products and petroleum by-products. Learn how to use natural, organically-grown ingredients in cosmetics through the use of essential oils extracted from plants, flowers, spices, herbs and other high quality ingredients with no chemical preservatives. Essential oils are ideal for the skin because they are ‘liposolvents’ and normalize cellular breathing and metabolism. They help to clear  and revitalize  the skin at the molecular level due to the unique chemistry of each essential oil. Participants will learn the chemical balance; be able to analysis skin conditions, pathologies, determine applications and treatment plans on a customized basis. The amazing results are immediately evident and will help promote new business and keep your clients loyal. Practical work, theory and protocols included. Student kits, supplies and equipment are available.

Length of Course 40 Hours of class in 5 modules
Cost: $200 per module or 5 modules for $1100
Correspondence: Course now available $799.