Aromatherapy Treatments


Essential oils address the main two reasons clients seek our service: pain and stress. Each essential oil is made from naturally occurring plant chemicals; this is what gives the oil its power to heal. The oils enter the body by way of skin absorption and inhalation. Because of their small molecular size, they are able to penetrate through the capillaries and the blood-brain barrier. This produces an almost instant response from the central nervous system.

Depending on the properties of the oils, they may be able to reduce pain, relax the mind, ease tension, alleviate depression, balance hormones, replenish energy, decrease anxiety and increase feelings of well-being. They are safe and effective for killing bacteria, fungus and viruses. They also treat skin conditions such as burns, irritations, acne, rashes, premature aging and inflammation.

In France, medical-aromatherapy treatments are covered by health insurance, and many formulas can be purchased at pharmacies. There has been extensive research done on essential oils, especially in Europe and Australia, where aromatherapy is practiced as a form of integrative medicine.

In 2004 th Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to two scientists for their discoveries of odourant receptors and the organization of the olfactory system. Their studies show how an odour can trigger distinct memories from childhood or emotional moments, either positive or negative. In a series of pioneering studies they have clarified in molecular detail how our sense of smell works.


Aromatherapy Treatments


Refresher Facial  $55

Aromatherapy Facial  $65

European Deep Pore Cleansing Facial  $75

Fruit Peel Facial$5Pure Collagen Facial  $100

Hot Rock Facial  $55

Acupuncture Face Lift  $75

Aromatherapy Massages:

Stress Buster 30 min  $45

Infra Red Sauna    $45

Full Body Basic  $70

Rain Drop Therapy  $115

Full Body Deluxe  $85

Vita Flex Therapy  $25

90 Min of Heaven  $90

Zen Stone Massage 1/2 hr  $75

Couples side-by-side  $80 per person

Zen Stone Massage 1 hr  $110

Aromatherapy Waxing: available