Aromatherapy Intro 101

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The Foundation Course in AromatherapyAromatherapy Intro 101
Aromatherapy Certificate (CEBHCP)Aromatic Medicine Diploma
Aromatic Medicine Certification (CFA)Aromatic Medicine Certification (CFA)
Aromatology CertificationAdvanced Clinical Aromatic Medicine
Aromatology BusinessAromatherapy Esthetics
Accompanying WorkshopsSpa Therapies-5 Day Module
Weekend Warrior


Examine the basic concepts, practice and application methods used in aromatherapy. How we get essential oils, why this is such an global effort and why the expense. Discover the wonders of essential oils through working with them. Understand the effect of the oils and how to utilize them safely in skin care, health and household applications. Make your own blends to take home.

This day long workshop includes a $35 essential oil kit with oils, bases, bottles and salts that you will use in class to create wonderful blends.

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