Aromatherapy Certificate – CFA Class

Aromatherapy Certificate – CFA Class
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The CFA Certificate Course is offered several formats:

  • In-Class is offered in Modules and you can join a class program at the start of any module.
  • Correspondence is available at anytime
  • Intensive 5 day per module program is now available and quite popular with our students

This in class course is of the highest caliber and offered in 4 modules complete with study guides. This would be for the person who wishes to practice as a professional Aromatic Medicine Practitioner.  You need no experience to take this course; only a sincere desire to learn.

In-Class Certificate Class program is taught on Wednesdays from 10 – 5 p.m. Each module runs for 5 weeks and you may start in any module. Please check our calendar or newsletter for the start dates. The in class program is completed in 3 ½ months.

Length of Course: Day Classes 3 months (Approximate)
Cost: Classes $2899
Correspondence: $1799

Recognized by: You will be qualified to apply for professional membership in the CFA, International Federation of Holistic Therapists, The Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners, National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists and many more associations world wide.

Two Classes per week
Taught in class, here at CIAM, on Tuesdays and Thursday each week, several times each year. Class starts at 10 am and finishes at 5 pm. The last hour is set aside for homework. There is lots of interaction during classes. Projects to make, blending of creating natural products.

The nice thing about classes is that you have an instructor who can teach all the things that just can’t be written into a manual. The personal experiences and interchanges within this class settings really are fun and educational. Listening to other people and working with real people is great experience. Seeing how to set up a practice and how to run a business are useful as well. Our students are given a chance to do coop work in the store, at trade shows and with clients. This is invaluable experience for someone just entering the field of holistic health.

We try to incorporate as many field trips into our programs as possible to give students a chance to see other businesses in this field. Whether they are growers, retailers or practitioners – there are many ways to gain a successful livelihood in our field.

Course syllabus is the same for this program. Please click on link to view.

Intensive Course
Many people don’t have the luxury of taking one or two days off each week from their full times jobs to start a new career. Our intensive course offers just this sort a person a chance to learn in-class and not miss much work. We have found this beneficial for many students.

The intensive program is offered over 3 or 4 months. You come to CIAM for five days each month. The five days run from Sat to Wednesday just once a month. This would mean that most people would only have to take 3 days each month off to complete the academic aspect of the certification. I have found that most employers are very agreeable to allow someone just 3 days a month for only 3 months to be taken as holiday time.
You still gain the benefits of instruction in a class room setting.

In between your classes, we expect students to complete their homework assignments, projects and review questions.

Your final exam can be written on your last day of class if you want or you can take your time and write within the program requirements.


For the person who cannot manage the time off work or for those who prefer to learn in their own way and in their own time. This course is for you. It is the same information as the other courses except that there is more. Our Correspondence manuals have more typed material in their manuals to make up for the lectures. There is an easy to follow format with review questions and projects to do with each lesson.
The suggested reading list will give you more information if you would like to peruse more.
You can hand in your assignments at the end of each lesson.

You have a choice of learning the massage through video or you can join our in-class module; whichever works out best for you.

Your final exam can be written at any time during your program.

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