Animal Reiki Certification Syllabus

Animal Reiki can:

  1. deepen your bond with any animal
  2. increase your level of understand and communication
  3. create and deepen trust between you
  4. maintain health on many levels
  5. heal physical illness
  6. heal injuries and promote faster healing times
  7. help with emotional healing of trauma, neglect, fear and abuse
  8. reduce nervous tension and other issues of stress
  9. and finally it can help with providing compassionate support for both a dying pet and their people families to transition to peace

Prerequisite: A love and caring for animals of all kinds. An understanding of the stewardship that god has given us in our hands.

I am offering Animal Reiki in 3 Levels for anyone interested in how Reiki can help animals in a myriad of ways.

Course Outline: Reiki Attunement to the 1st Level is given in the first class. From this class you will be able to start with your own companion pets and be able to offer Reiki to them for illness or comfort.

Level 1 Animal Reiki
Cost $200
Animal Reiki Level 1

  • Includes the 1st level attunement which opens the Reiki energy in you
  • The history of Reiki
  • Understanding Reiki and what it can do for animals
  • Healing animals with Reiki
  • The body mind and spirit connection
  • Overview of animal symbols
  • Getting ready to give a treatment
  • How to perform a treatment
  • Hands on healing applications
  • How to finish a session

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Level 2 Animal Reiki
Cost $200
If level 1 & 2 are taken together the cost is $300

Sometimes students don’t want to start working with animals until this level of practice. Hopefully you will soon realize that you can do no harm with this Reiki energy. Most people choose to stay at this level of practice for their entire life and develop their healing abilities here. Prerequisite: A minimum of six weeks of using Reiki 1 for animals

Course Syllabus:

  1. Learning the three ancient symbols that can intensify your Reiki flow
  2. Healing on mental and emotional levels
  3. The second attunement to Reiki will be given
  4. Working with different animals
  5. Sending the Reiki energy in “distance healing”
  6. Treating wild animals
  7. Reaching into the most damaged part of an animal to bring about healing
  8. Aggressive animals or animals who have be injured in accidents
  9. Damaged spirits
  10. Healing Reactions
  11. Preparations for treatments
  12. Length of treatments

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Length of Course: 1 day for each level

Level 3 Animal Reiki

This level is truly for a committed and dedicated student who is motivated to make a life commitment of the practice of Reiki. I offer it in two levels: one is for the extra symbols and attunements and then the second part is for the student who would like the ability to pass on Reiki attunement to others and thus become a teacher themselves. The flow of energy at this level will be intensified and will sometimes bring new challenges for you in your own life as well. Although there will be healing challenges of your own, it is just the beginning of a whole new journey in personal growth and healing.

Reiki cannot be a substitute of a veterinarian; although you might find that Reiki can complement and support any other type of medicine as an integrative approach of animal health and maintenance. You might find that you will become valuable to a Vet practice in your area.

Course Syllabus Part A
Cost $300

  1. Deepening your understanding and ability in physical and distant healing
  2. Receiving the new Reiki symbols
  3. Receiving another Level 3 attunement
  4. Practice
  5. Review of case studies

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Coruse Syllabus Part B
Cost $500

  1. The second class is for only students who are prepared to teach.
  2. This part of the program is for the student who has chosen to become a Reiki Master/Teacher.
  3. Going through the process of becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher is an intense healing experience on a very personal level.
  4. Reiki brings about balance in your life and should not be entered into lightly.
  5. Teacher attunements
  6. How to give attunements
  7. How to set up classes
  8. How to teach classes
  9. The use of crystals and pendulums in your practice
  10. You will be given a final attunement at this final level
  11. Home assignments will be given
  12. Case studies

Level 1 is $350
Level 2 is $450

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