Amega Zero Point Healing Wand

The Amega Zero Point Healing Wand is a new product for raising the frequency of the cells in the body and thereby helping the cells and the organs to choose health and well-being. It enhances the immune system.

Wanding the body’s cells reminds them of their natural state. Their inherent intelligence remembers their natural state. Cell memory is a widely known fact but it usually is related to how cells will go back to their diseased state. Such as when you have a healing session like a massage and you feel much better but a few days later the muscles revert back to their tense and stiff state because of years of cell memory. With AMized Fusion, you are reminding your cells of an earlier time and they gladly go back to this state of true health or homeostasis. And when you are healthy, you feel good.

The Amega Wand provides immediate source energy to your bio-energetic field. It promotes the body going through a process of self healing. The Amega Wand will stimulate proper bodily functions for increased health and vitality. It stimulates the immune system and removes all blockages in bio energetic field. You can wand your food and drink to raise the actual frequency so that when ingesting the food, you are literally raising the frequency of your insides promoting great health.

The Amega AMWand is made up of a special combination of granulated crystals energised using a proprietary technology, encapsulated in a stainless steel pen-sized casing.

The crystals in the AM Wand have powerful healing qualities and are energy amplifiers that can absorb, store, release and regulate energy.

1. To dissipate energy blockages in the body/field
2.. To increase and balance the energy levels in the body/field
3. To enable the body to heal itself
4. To alleviates aches and pains, supporting healing both of the self and others
To energize skin and body care products such as creams, moisturizers, oils etc for better absorption into the body
To stimulate bodily functions and strengthen immunity
To use on pets to supplement energy deficiency
To energize food and liquids enabling better absorption into the body
To infuse plants with energy
To energize the environment and neutralize harmful elements from the liquids we drink, the air we breathe and the food that we eat.

During a treatment, the therapist will point the Amega Wand at the area of your body that needs, healing or balancing and do clock-wise circles for as long or as little as you please. The longer the better obviously. 5-10 minutes is definitely long enough to get results but again, the longer you do it, the more powerful the results will be.

Session 20 minutes $25

Session 45 minutes $45